By the deadline of September 11th 2016, IBEC had received a total of 49 applications for the BEST COFUND postdoc programme from 22 different nationalities.

Twelve of these candidates are granted a BEST COFUND postdoc fellowship for a duration of 24 months at IBEC.

Fellow Country Project IBEC Group
Livia Neves Borgheti Cardoso Brazil Extracellular vesicles as chloroquine drug delivery system to treatment of Malaria Nanomalaria
Rossella Castagna Italy Targeted Covalent Photoswitches for Vision Restoration in Degenerated Retina Nanoprobes and nanoswitches
María García Díaz Spain Engineering a biomimetic 3D intestinal model for advanced drug screening Biomimetic systems for cell engineering
Ricardo Hidalgo González Costa Rica Bacterial nanowires: electron transport properties and application to nanobiosensor development Nanoscale bioelectrical characterization
Carmen Hurtado del Pozo Spain Developing regenerative strategies for kidney healing Pluripotent stem cells and activation of endogenous tissue programs for organ regeneration
Adrica Kyndiah India Integration of Electrolyte-Gated Organic Synapstor (EGOS) on scanning probe set-ups for simultaneous nanoscale imaging, manipulation and extracellular electrical recordings Nanoscale bioelectrical characterization
Sílvia Mas García Spain Combination of MALDI imaging mass spectrometry with computational data analysis tools to characterize tumor heterogeneity. A multidisciplinary approach Signal and information processing for sensing systems
Lourdes Rivas Torcates Venezuela Integrated microfluidic platform for early stroke identification Nanobioengineering
Agostino Romeo Italy Contact lens sensors for advanced point-of-care diagnostics (SPOC) Smart nano-bio-devices
Diana Vilela García Spain Smart core-double-shell nanoparticles for specific and effective action against bacterial infection at different environments Smart nano-bio-devices
Marija Vukomanovic Serbia Artificial Analogous of Antimicrobial Peptides as Next Generation of Antimicrobials Bacterial infections: antimicrobial therapies
Lei Wang China Fabrication of Janus micromotor based on protein self-assembly for targeted drug delivery Smart nano-bio-devices