• 2 year labour contract for the performance of a research project.
  • Annual living and mobility allowances: the amount that the researcher will receive is 32.572€ yearly gross salary with full security coverage, which includes health and accident insurance, pension and unemployment benefits.
    Annual Family allowance: Beyond that, researchers coming to Barcelona with their families (persons linked by marriage or a relationship with equivalent status to marriage or dependent children being maintained by the researcher) will receive an annual family allowance of 1.817 €. In this case, the amount that the researcher will receive is 34.389 € yearly gross salary. The family status of a researcher will be determined at the beginning of their contract and will not be revised during the lifetime of the action.
    Additionally, at the end of the 2 year labour contract, researchers will receive indemnities  according to Spanish labour law.
  • 23 working days of paid holidays and 9 leave days for personal matters yearly.
  • Measures to reconcile work and family life: Maternity and paternity leave (16 weeks), leave for breastfeeding (14 days or 1 hour/day for 9 months), telecommuting, shorter hours for
    guardianship or leave to care for children and relatives.
  • A personalized training plan will be defined and implemented yearly according to the different training needs.
  • 9.600€ has been allocated annually for research and training activities, including a complementary training programme to develop non-scientific skills aimed at improving fellows’ career development. These funds will be managed by IBEC.