By the deadline of April 30th 2018, IBEC had received a total of 68 applications for the BEST COFUND postdoc programme from 26 different nationalities.

Twelve of these candidates are granted a BEST COFUND postdoc fellowship for a duration of 24 months at IBEC.

Fellow Country Project IBEC Group
Yunuen Avalos Padilla Mexico Exploring the role of ESCRT machinery in the release of extracellular vesicles during Plasmodium infection Nanomalaria
Bárbara Blanco Fernández Spain Development and study of cell-derived extracellular matrix obtained from breast cancer cell lines as 3D cancer models Biomaterials for regenerative therapies
Mireia Calvo González Spain Characterization of chronic respiratory diseases through the development and validation of novel signal-processing and model-based approaches for personalized medicine Biomedical signal processing and interpretation
Marco de Corato Italy An integrated computational and experimental predictive framework for the chemo-hydrodynamics of active catalytic colloidal particles in complex environments Group of Associated Researcher Marino Arroyo
Laura Catalina Córdoba Román Colombia Personalized 3D-printed Zn-based bioabsorbable stents: a new paradigm in percutaneous coronary intervention Group of Associated Researcher María-Pau Ginebra
Clare Davidson Ireland Multimodal physiological biomarkers and mHealth tools for non-invasive monitoring and assessment of asthmatic and COPD patients Biomedical signal processing and interpretation
Luciana Fontes de Oliveira Brazil Development of Computational Metabolomics Methods to evaluate the risk to suffer Bronchial Infections in Chronic Respiratory Diseases Patients Signal and information processing for sensing systems
Rafael Freire Brazil Volatile Biomarker discovery in flatus by GC-MS and GC-IMS to diagnose digestive disorders and diseases Signal and information processing for sensing systems
Galyna Malieieva Ukraine ClopHensor-based in vivo monitoring and photo-switchable modulation of chloride intraneuronal concentration Nanoprobes and nanoswitches
Vladimir Mulens Arias Cuba Deciphering the immune-regulating potential of ICAM-1-targeted nanocarriers toward an immunotherapeutic application Targeted therapeutics and nanodevices
Renata Kelly Da Palma Brazil Heart bioengineering: enhancing vascular re-endothelialization by physical stimuli Biomimetic systems for cell engineering
Swapnil Ganesh Sanmukh India Isolation of bacteriophages and lytic enzymes for targeted treatment of chronic bacterial lung infections Bacterial infections: antimicrobial therapies