The selection process is organized in four stages and will last from May 1st 2018 to July 31st 2018.

The publication date of the final results will be on September 3rd 2018.

Candidates should meet the requirements set at each stage to proceed onto the next. All candidates will be informed at the BEST mini site and by e-mail at the end of each evaluation stage:


Stage I: Eligibility check

Candidates’ compliance with the minimum eligibility requirements will be verified by an Eligibility committee composed of senior officers from the institute’s support units. Eligibility will be checked on the basis of the information provided by the applicant.


Stage II: Evaluation of CV and research proposal

The evaluation will be performed by three panels of experts, according to IBEC’s research areas (Nanomedicine, Cell Engineering and ICT for Health).

  • Candidates’ CV will be resolved on scientific achievements and research merits based.
  • Candidates’ research proposals will be examined following the evaluation criteria.

CVs and research projects will be evaluated by the respective Evaluation panel, first independently by each reviewer, and finally at a consensus meeting for each panel. Each application will receive a consensus score that will allow to establish a final ranking for the results of the evaluation of CV and research project.


Stage III: Interviews of final candidates

Short-listed candidates (regardless of their chosen research area) will be invited for a video-conference interview. These interviews will be conducted by a Selection committee.

During the interview competencies such as Communication skills; Teamwork; Time management; Proactivity; Autonomy; Adaptability; Mentoring; Self-career management; Analytical and critical thinking; Integrity or Leadership will be evaluated.

The interview will be an opportunity for the candidate to discuss any personal requirements or clarify doubts.


Stage IV: Final decision

The final decision will be taken in a consensus meeting of the Selection committee.

Final candidates will be ranked according to the weightings of the scores in stage II and stage III. The first 12 ranked candidates will be asked to sign an acceptance letter and will be required to start the fellowship between October 1st 2018 and December 31th 2018.

A reserve list of candidates will be identified. In case that one or more final candidates withdraw, they will be replaced by the candidates in the reserve list according to the Selection Committee’s  order of priority.


In April 2015, IBEC was awarded the ‘Human Resources Excellence in Research’ stamp from the European Commission, in recognition of its commitment to continuously improving its HR policies in line with The European Charter of Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter and Code). In line with this recognition, BEST features an international, transparent, equal-opportunities recruitment procedure to select the most qualified researchers for the BEST programme. A transparent, merit-based selection procedure will be established with the participation in the evaluation panels of the International Scientific Committee (ISC) members as well as international external experts. The members of the ISC are top scientists in the diverse fields covered by the IBEC research programme, most of them with previous management responsibilities in prestigious research centres.